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Events, be they corporate or promotional, offer a wealth of business opportunities. However, the thought of making events happen doesn't guarantee results. There should be planning involved, and this is where audiovisual technologies (AV) come in handy.

LED screens and video displays serve as the backbone for any events. From concerts to professional exhibitions, conferences, presentations, annual parties, and other retail-industry shows, there’s always a need for high-quality audiovisual equipment.


Gone are the days that a projector display offers the best multimedia display solutions. When it comes to visibility, clarity, flexibility, and creativity, AV tech, like LED walls, has also surpassed traditional projection screens.


In LED displays, images look sharper and clearer. Since they remarkably display crisp images with vivid colors, it’s easier to hook the audience and keep them engaged.


What sets apart LED screens from projection screens is that they work on ambient light, meaning images and text-based content appear vibrant and lucid, even outdoors.


Above all, audiovisual technologies can offer a world of creative possibilities that customary projection displays can’t. Video screens, for example, can work as a stage backdrop. They can visualize real-world environments, and map interactive elements onto the screen, to name a few.

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We understand that audiovisual (AV) equipment plays significant roles in various types of events. That’s why we aim to help business owners and advertising professionals alike in providing the best experience for the crowd. So, whatever event you plan to hold, you can always rely on Seattle LED Screens. Our team of audiovisual specialists in Seattle will not only make your event happen but will promise to make yours as spectacular and memorable as possible. Expect us to deliver unparalleled production assistance that your event needs and deserves—from planning to installation, technical support, and more.

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Our Audio Visual Equipment Rentals and Services

Seattle LED Screens offers a variety of display tech solutions that suit every event’s needs and budget. From LED signs to video walls, projector rentals, audiovisual rentals, and AV installation, we got you covered!

House of Worship LED Displays


LED displays aren’t only meant for brand-building events and parties. House of worship may also utilize LED screens to engage and connect with churchgoers more effectively. Church leaders can use such audiovisual equipment to display prayer guides, inform members of special services or events, and show lyric videos to guide churchgoers.

Also, installing LED walls makes it easier to entice churchgoers in participating in the ceremony and create more inspiring worship experiences. Whatever audiovisual technology you have in mind, our team will help bring that to life. We will cover the audiovisual needs of your place of worship and modernize your sanctuary.

Seattle LED Screens has AV rental services for houses of worship. Our technicians will test the equipment to avoid any technical difficulties during the ceremony. And, if you opt to start your church LED display project, our LED screen specialists will guide you from planning through installation.


Stage design is an essential component of every performance, presentation, and event. Not only that it boosts the event’s theme, but it also enhances audience engagement. For these reasons, it’s necessary to get the stage as impressive as possible. There are five key elements to consider when planning an event: set and props, costume, lighting, sound effects, and a background.

While Seattle LED Screens can’t help you with the first four, we got your back on the last one and will help you bring a new kind of experience to your show, concert, and other events. LED stage backdrops are becoming increasingly popular today, and Seattle LED Screens aims to keep up with the trend. We offer LED displays that you can use as venue backdrops and a scenic element to your event stage.

The next time you look for LED screen rentals and AV rentals in Seattle, never hesitate to give us a call. Our audiovisual production specialists will explicitly tailor your LED stage screens to the visual objectives of your event.

Stage Design

Audio Visual


Successful corporate events happen with proper planning, design, and execution. In these phases of event management, there’s always a spot for audiovisuals. Audiovisual equipment plays a pivotal role in conveying the message effectively and keeping the audience engaged.

So, whether you’re planning a large or small corporate event, Seattle LED Screens is the company to call. We have LED walls and projectors that can digitally enhance your event and take your brand to the next level. When you choose to hire us, you can rest assured that your audiovisual equipment delivers on-point results throughout your business gathering or presentation.

Our team of LED screen professionals will provide a complete audiovisual setup for your event and ensure that the equipment you rented works in its best condition.


Trade shows are important to companies of any size. They may boost brand awareness, create new connections, leverage the network, and grow the customer base, among other benefits.

To ensure that your business reaps the above benefits, always include a LED display into your professional exhibit checklist. Why? Because LED screens and video walls work great at driving foot traffic to your booth and capturing the event attendees’ attention.

For the best results, look into hiring video display specialists in Seattle, like Seattle LED Screens. We understand that your presence felt on the trade show floor is key to a successful show.

Trade Show LED Displays

Outdoor LED Displays


When done right, outdoor advertising can provide companies with maximum exposure, deliver messages to the targeted audience, and most importantly, boost sales. Out-of-home media comes in two major categories—static displays and digital displays. While the former, like billboards, is more cost-effective, the latter offers countless creative opportunities.

If you’re the type of business owner who wants to take a step further and get extra creative in your campaigns, outdoor LED displays are the best solution for you. At Seattle LED Screens, we will help you captivate passersby’s attention and make an impact through our LED video walls. Our LED wall experts will carefully mount your screen and test if the video display delivers seamless pictures.


LED technology is gaining a lot of attention in the business world. The reason being is that more people remember and appreciate digital content rather than static, print-based signage.
Also, LED screen displays work in different settings, applications, events. They are suitable for presentations, indoor corporate events, and retail promotions, to name a few.

Are you looking for the best digital display solution to use in your business space in Seattle? You just come to the right place! Seattle LED screens supplies high-quality audiovisual equipment that can get your branding message across.

If you only need LED walls for a temporary event, we also got AV rentals in Seattle, so you need not to worry. Our rental services include installation and come with other peripheral equipment to ensure your audience enjoys a unique and memorable experience.

LED Screen Displays

Seattle’s Reliable Audiovisual Specialists

Seattle LED Screens takes pride in its reliable audiovisual specialists who will guide you throughout the production process. Our dedicated team can assist you in LED wall assembly or AV installation, provide you with technical support, advise you on your application, rental services, prices, maintenance, warranty, and repairs.
 We only employ specialist technicians, so you’re assured that you receive top-notch interactive digital platforms.


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